Amukha RAS Helps Banks to Monitor Critical RBI Red Flag Alerts Seamlessly

Amukha has integrated RBI Alert screen in Risk Analytics System (RAS) which helps in the monitoring critical red flags defined by the central banks.

As per the RBI guidelines, the banks should have system which enables them to effectively monitor critical red flags on the portfolio companies. Some of the red flag alerts that the central bank has asked the banks to monitor are:

Default in payment or bouncing of the high value cheques
Raid by Income tax officials or other government authorities
Escalation in project cost
Resignation of the key personnel and frequent changes in the management
Reduction in the stake of promoter / director

Our system has flagged news alerts on Eon Electric Ltd for default on payment of interest and repayment of principal amount under RBI Alert screen.

Moreover, RAS has also raised another news alert on Eon Electric for resignation of key personnel under RBI alert screen. Earlier this year, the company’s chairman and managing director Ved Prakash Mahendru resigned.

RAS also has email alert functionality so that you never miss on the critical RBI red flag alerts. RAS has delivered an alert on Eon Electric in the daily newsletter dated July 3 for the default on interest and repayment of loans.

RAS not only alerts you on the critical RBI red flag alerts but also helps in complying with the central bank audit without any hassle.

Amukha RAS is the first of its kind innovative application that provides early warning signals through analysis of traditional and alternative datasets for identifying distress sectors and companies ahead of time.

To know more about Amukha RAS, email us at

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