Sector Risk

Amukha Makes Identification of Distressed Sectors Easy

At Amukha, we believe the pursuit of innovation should never stop. This vision enables us to continuously evolve products for meeting our clients’ present and future requirements.

With this vision in mind, Amukha has introduced Sector Index in our Early Warning System. This index offers a 360-degree view on the sectors by combining the news sentiment, financial score, and macro/ sector-specific indicators in a single number.

The readings of the Amukha Sector Index can help the banks identify distressed sectors and thereby help them maintain the healthy loan account portfolio by rebalancing the exposure in time.

This index has been introduced for 15 sectors. Here, we have highlighted the trend of sector index for the Automobile sector for the last 2-years. The auto sector witnessed a fall in index value for Apr-21 and May-21 due to the impact of the recent lockdown. Earlier, the auto sector index had seen a steep drop in Mar-20, and subsequently, it turned negative by correctly depicting the impact of lockdown.

We have integrated more analytics on the sector index along with an option to deep-dive into underlying news, financial and macro data. To know more about the Amukha Sector Index, please get in touch with us at

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