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Amukha Alert: Security clearance required for nationals from China and HK on board appointments

The Ministry of Home Affairs issued a notification on June 1 which stated that the citizens from the countries sharing the land border with India including China and Hong Kong will require security clearance for appointment as director on the boards of the Indian companies.

This notification will have an impact, among others, on the Chinese manufacturing companies that have subsidiaries in India and China or Hong Kong-based private equity or venture funds that have invested in startups here.

The government issued this notification after it found that China and Hong Kong investors were circumventing April 2020 restrictions on foreign investments from neighboring countries by devising alternate corporate structures.

Amukha through its Risk Analytics System (RAS) can help the counter parties to identify the companies whose directors belong to China or Hong Kong or any other neighboring country. 

The identification of such companies can help in performing further checks on whether the necessary security clearances were obtained from the home ministry or not for the board appointments.  

Here, we have highlighted a few companies for which “Active Director belongs to Hong Kong/China” alert has been triggered in our early warning system RAS. 

Company NameRule AlertDirector NameAuthorityScore
CMR Green Technologies LtdActive Director belongs to Hong Kong/ChinaPeter Francis AmourMCA-5
SSIPL Retail LtdActive Director belongs to Hong Kong/ChinaFrederic Jean Emmanuel AzemardMCA-5
Arohan Financial Services LtdActive Director belongs to Hong Kong/ChinaPaul Gratien RobineMCA-5
Manash Lifestyle Pvt LtdActive Director belongs to Hong Kong/ChinaNiladri MukhopadhyayMCA-5

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